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Group Travel Saves Money

Group Travel and Escorted Tours have changed a lot from just a few years ago, by keeping up with the needs and desires of today's traveler. It's no longer just a bus tour on a strict schedule.  and Sorry it's not just for Seniors but for all ages and levels of excitement.

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Escorted Tours is the most popular form of group travel. There are many different styles of tours (and it's important to choose properly).Group Travel offers many great benefits such as saving money and other perks.  A group can vary depending upon where and how you are traveling but it is easier than most people think to get the group specials.

From the simple Bus Day Tour to Month long tours of multiple countries, options are available to satisfy everyone's hopes and dreams. Some tours also offer complete flexibility to choose the sightseeing and restaurants, and only provide accommodations and transportation on a set itinerary. Others are more structured but provide for the best of the sights, food and experiences. Don’t assume they are all the same, they definitely are not! Join a group or if you have your own group, we can find or make an itinerary that you’ll never forget. Contact a Latitudes Agent to today.

Itineraries for Everyone

Independent and Escorted Tours around the world

Take an adventure and see the world, but let someone else worry about the details. When you pick an escorted tour vacation you save time and money, while an

Customized Group Tours

experienced tour company takes care of the planning.
Millions of travelers use escorted tours each year. Whether you know where you’d like to go or are looking for ideas, an escorted tour is a great way to travel.

Some of Our favorite tour operators include:

Motorcoach Tours

Yes, we do bus tours: locally, regionally, nationally. This is a great way to visit new places, see great sites and stretch your travel dollar to it’s fullest. Oh and we do all the driving.  Just sit back, relax and joy the sites.  Deluxe motor coaches, professional drivers and exceptional destination are the perfect combination to help you get out of the house and explore the great country we live in.

Group Cruise


Group cruise is an amazing way for everyone to get exactly what they want in a vacation. Today's cruise ships offer something fro everyone and anybody.  from meeting rooms to playtime your group can choose to do anything together and still allow time for everyone to do their own thing.  Kids clubs and activities also allow for some adult alone time too.  Not to mention great destinations and ports for some land excursions and your groups event will be something they will talk about for years.

Destination Weddings

One of the more common forms of group travel that we do so you can  "I DO" .  For more information visit our Destination Weddings & Honeymoons page.


Family, Class, Army Buddies... It just doesn’t matter. Reunions are always great and there’s no better way to catch up then to do it pool side. Choose an all-inclusive resort or a cruise and let us do the rest of the planning and coordinating everyone's travel. Take advantage of group pricing's and perks to help make your reunion the best

Red Hats

Have a special event coming up? We can help make it memorable.  Maybe it’s a 50th anniversary or you and the girls want to take a trip and leave the guys behind.  Special event travel is fun, exciting, memorable, and best of all a great way to save money.  In fact it’s so much fun you might just want to make up an event so you can do it!Special Events

Customized Group Travel

We do custom tours for you too. Looking for an adventure of a life time? Or maybe you want to experience the culture and food of a foreign land? Perhaps there’s that one thing you’ve been wishing to try? Get out that bucket list and let us plan your custom itinerary.  Planes, trains, automobiles and maybe even a camel can take you the ends of the earth.  But it all starts with a plan and that’s what our agent here at Latitudes can do for you.

Group Leaders Travel FreeFree Travel Keep Calm

Yes You Can Travel for FREE!

Do you know a group that is considering traveling together?  A Church Group, a School, Block party, or even the Bowling league you belong to.

We do most of the work but you'll be our point-person and group leader with the group.

And yes the best part is you could travel for FREE!
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