Custom Vacation Planning

In today's travel world, one size no longer fits all.

Latitudes Travel helps you get the trip your are dreaming of with a "made-for-you" custom itinerary.

At Latitudes requests for customized and personalized vacations are rising sharply and we are here to help you with your needs. Custom Travel use to be only for those with lots of money, the "Well-Off", that is just not true anymore.

A custom vacation is more than just booking air, accommodations and transportation. We also can make arrangements for other parts of your trip too. Things like customized wine tastings, visits to artisan workshops, special experiences that the normal tourist might overlook and miss the chance of a lifetime to experience something wonderful.
These customized trips are known in "Travel Industryspeak" as FIT's (foreign independent travel). The booking of FIT's are increasing and are a favorite of Baby Boomers.

When people talk about custom travel and what it means It all really all boils down to this.

There are two parallel trends in custom travel:

1.) The People who want personalized service

2.) The People who want highly specialized trips

Unfortunately most Americans have precious little time for vacations, so they need and want to make sure they get exactly what they want and for the best price. Whether that means a boutique hotel or a special kind of restaurant, or just knowing their agent has made everything just like they wanted it. Travelers need to know they have a advocate that will listen and cater to their needs, and be there for them if they need anything or if something goes wrong when traveling. That's what the Concierge Agents at Latitudes Travel do for their clients.

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