Custom Vacation Packages

Affordable Custom Vacation Packages for Everyone

The staff at Latitudes Travel can help you break out of the standard packages and experience a custom vacation package made just for you.   Have you Been there... Done That?  Looking for something Different?  Want to be the envy of your friends?

Now you can get completely unplugged, go green with a Eco vacation, or maybe you need an adrenaline infused experience. Whatever it is that you have been dreaming of we can make it happen and not go broke doing it.

Breakout your bucket list and call our agent for an in person or phone consultation to tell them your hopes, dreams, needs, and wants. Then let us put together the vacation of a lifetime.
You’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to make it a reality.

Unplugged vacations


Getting Unplugged

Are you or someone you love in need of a little Digital Detoxifying?  The expert at Latitudes can help you find that perfect getaway, and we mean getaway. You can choose partial or completely unplugged but either case you’ll be glad you did. From tropical islands & jungles, to mountain retreats or maybe a castle. We can find the perfect fit to getaway from the world and get it ouch with yourself and each other without interruption.

machu picchuAncient Explorations

If you love exploring than a vacation filled with learning about the past might be what you are looking for. From exploring the dark underbelly of ancient cities now covered with modern metropolises to visiting ancient ruins from thousands of years ago. There is much to be discovered and learned while taking in some of the best our world has to offer. Get the camera, pack your walking shoes and get your journey started today...


Unique Cruising options and Itinerares


Unique Cruises

Imagine cruising the waters of the South Pacific or the Caribbean under the wind blown sails of a clipper ship. Then think of going ashore to enjoy the beautiful silky smooth white sand beaches, lined with Palm trees and exotic flowers. Well now you can, and with all the comforts of a modern cruise ship, minus the crowds. Enjoy a more relaxing ambiance so wonderful, you’ll wonder if your are just dreaming.

Fitness and wellness vacations

Wellness & Fitness Itineraries

Nothing could be better than an all-natural setting to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with our bodies.  For those looking for a calming break with peaceful nature, beautiful spas, opportunities to get/stay active and fit, healthier eating options and more, then a Wellness Vacation maybe just want you want. There are many options to choose from for Singles, Couples, or even your group of girlfriends.


Exhilarating & Adventure ExperiencesLabadee-Zip-Line

Stop sitting around, it’s time to get off the couch, out of the house and experience life to the fullest.  Today you can safely experience some of the most beautiful places in the most unique ways. Zip-lines, tandem skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, diving, and more. Grab a loved one, some friends or come alone for a trip to blow your mind and get your heart pumping. Don’t wait a minute longer get started today!



Religious Journeys & Pilgrimages

Experiencing a Faith Base Pilgrimage or Religious Vacation Tour is becoming a more popular option for many travelers.Many travelers are opting for planning trips specifically geared to learning more about their faith.  Religious / Faith-based excursions are also available and are often led by religious experts and may center around visiting holy sites, such as cathedrals, shrines, and ancient temples, across the globe.


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