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The Goal with Autism Friendly Vacations is to provide the resources and assistance to make it possible for families anywhere who have an ASD diagnosed member be able to take family vacations.  Latitudes Travel is dedicated to helping family find and secure travel options, destinations and accommodations that are Autism Friendly.  Places reviewed and certified to have trained staff and facilities that create safe, sensory friendly travel options for parents and individuals on the spectrum.

We hope to also provides parents with additional resources through Social Media outlets a interactive community to share ideas, help plan trips, interact with each other, hopeful meet, build friendships, travel with other similar families, and explore travel options at some of the most beautiful places in the world, all while making sure it is always Autism Friendly.

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About Autism Travel Certifications

What is Autism Certifications? Who issues these Certifications?

Certification isn't required and there are travel suppliers who are not certified. But being certified mean that the Travel Agent, Resort, Cruise line, Staff Member and more have made a commitment to getting up to date information, education and training about autism.  It means there is a commitment to everyone involved that proving a safe happy experience is a priority.  It means we are here to help you Live life to the fullest.

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How ASD affects Family vacations

Results from a Recent poll of over 1000 Families
who have A family member diagnosed  with autism.

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