Fee Schedule

Never Pay a Fee on an
All-Inclusive , Cruise or
Vacation Package.


NO FEE is Basically our fee schedule, With a few Exceptions

No Fee Travel*
How do we do it?

We are paid by the resorts, cruise lines and other suppliers we use when we book your travel and we feel we are paid very fairly by them for what we do.  So to set us apart from most all other travel agencies we have chosen to not charge agency fees for what we do except in very special situations that come up occasionally and that are abnormally difficult things to do, ie The miracle when pull of on occasion !

Please note that there may at time be additional fees imposed by suppliers for certain things including Fuel surcharges, Change fees, and more.  We have no control over these and is part of the agreement you make when you book with these suppliers.

All of the things that other agencies and agents commonly have fees associated with them are listed below as are the exceptions we have.

Why a booking fee for Airline only tickets? - Airlines do not pay commissions, so we charge a nominal fee to book your air-only tickets but we are happy to give you free advice if you want to do it yourself.  We DO NOT charge a Airfare Booking fee if it is part of a Package that includes a Hotel and or Car rental or is part of a larger package vacation.

What are Planning Fees ? Planning fees are not actually fees but rather a deposit.  We charge the planning fees for certain vacations that are very labor intensive such as group trips, destination wedding and Customized Vacation packages such as a Self driving tour.   We do this cover our time in the event that you change you mind after we have planned the trip.   because you are paying the deposit once the trip is planned the itinerary and details are all yours to keep.  The itinerary and details are yours even if you decide not to book right away or if you choose to use another agent, or do it yourself.   If you do book the itinerary with us the planning fee is applied towards your final payment.

That last thing we charge a fee for is helping travelers in an emergency.  If you booked with us it goes without saying but I must -- It's Free, but we occasionally get calls from others who have not booked with us and they have run into a problem and now need assistance.  In these cases we do charge a fee as outlined below to help them as best we can.

If you have any questions please feel free to Email Latitudes  or call us at (414) 433-4873.

The No Fee* - Travel Fee Schedule                        

All - Inclusive Vacation Package -- No booking Fee Charged

Ocean Cruise Vacations Package -- No booking Fee Charged

River Cruise -- No booking Fee Charged

Hotel Accommodations -- No booking Fee Charged

Airfare Only  - US / Caribbean Flight - $25 per ticket

Airfare Only  - International Flight * -  $50 per ticket

Escorted Tours -- No booking Fee Charged

Travel  Insurance -- No booking Fee Charged

Train / Rail Reservations -- No booking Fee Charged

Bus Tickets -- No booking Fee Charged

Special Travel Planning

Destination Weddings - $250 Deposit Applied to Final Payment of Bride & Groom**

Group Travel - $250 Deposit Applied to Final Payment **

Foreign Independent Traveler ( FIT)  Trip Planning  - $250

Trip Add-ons

Excursions Off Property / Ship -- No booking Fee Charged, other fees may apply

On Board Activities -- No booking Fee Charged, other fees may apply

On Property Activities -- No booking Fee Charged, other fees may apply

Special Needs Equipment Rentals -- No booking Fee Charged, Rental fee may apply

Car rentals -- No booking Fee Charged, Rental fee may apply

Pre/Post Stay Hotel accommodations -- No booking Fee Charged

Park & Fly Hotel  Accommodations -- No booking Fee Charged

Round Trip Transfers -- No booking Fee Charged

Spa Treatments Bookings -- No booking Fee Charged

Tee Time Bookings -- No booking Fee Charged

Other Special Services

Split Reservations at All-Inclusive Resorts - If splitting the reservation is possible, a $50 per room reservation split fee is required when the request is made at the time of initial reservation.
Additional splits  or changes, if possible, after initial reservation are made  subject to a separate $50 fee each change.
For example:  Person "A" staying 10 days,  Person "B" staying 4 days at beginning of trip, Person "C" Staying 6 days at end of trip,  This would result in an added $50 fee.
The smith couple is staying 7 days,  an additional guest will join them for the first 4 days of their vacation, This would result in an added $50 fee.
If they would decide after making the reservation to add an additional guest for the last 3 days an additional $50 will apply.

Trip Changes -- 1st change No Fee Charged, Each Additional $25 each

Trip cancellations -- No Fee Charged

Prize Rewards/ Free Trip Cancellations -- $50 plus cost of any airfare booked.

Name Changes -- 1st Change No Fee Charged, Each Additional $25 each

Mailing Documents -- No Fee Charged

Trip/Travel issues Problem Solving – Non Latitudes Booking $100 for the first two hours,
then $25 per hour until resolved or you ask us to stop.

Come Along Guide / Escort Service -  Call

On Site coordination -  Call

Other - Call

Return Check Fee - $25.00

* Fee Waved for Students doing Study Abroad Programs!

** These fees are actually deposits to do the planning the deposits are applied to the final payment toward any travel booked within 18 Months.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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