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At Latitudes Travel, we love our clients and consider them more like family.   Our goal is always to treat you like a sister, brother, mom, dad and, sometimes, our children.   Our family of customers means a lot to us and we want you to know that every day.

We recognize that by having a new client referred to us, that is the best compliment we can get from our current clients.  We want you all to know that we appreciate it and the we know it is because of this that Latitudes is growing.   In order to show how much we appreciate your referrals, we want to reward your dedication and support with this referral program.

The program in its simplest form…latitudes-Travel-Referral-Reward-Award

  • Refer a new client to us, and when they travel, you will receive a small gift and an entry into a drawing for our annual referral reward prizes.
  • Each year at our Customer Appreciation event we will draw names to give out goodies and prizes, including free travel.  
  • The more referrals… the more Latitudes grows… the Bigger the Prizes.
  • In 2016, we will be giving away as a minimum prize is Free Airline Tickets …
  • We hope this grows to be a bigger prize or perhaps multiple prizes and include trips!
  • There is no limit. As we grow, you win Big and Bigger and BIGGER !

How the program will work.

When we are contacted by a new client, we always ask how they found out about Latitudes Travel and if they were referred to us by someone.

If / when the new client tells us who referred them, that person is automatically entered into our reward program.  What happens next is outlined below:

  • The person who referred the new client will receive a thank you gift when the client books their travel with Latitudes Travel
    • Referral “Thank You” gifts will vary and will include things like cash, gift cards, and small gifts
    •  A Latitudes Staff Member will try to contact you via Email to inform you that your referral booked a trip and that you will be receiving a gift and that you will be entered into the Annual Drawing after they travel..
  • When the new client you referred travels, the referring person is then entered into our annual Referral Rewards drawing to win larger prizes and other great things including free travel, airline tickets, and other great surprises
Hints to Start Referring and Getting Rewarded.
  • Go Social -- Like, Follow, Subscribe, Share, Post, tweet/retweet,  or whatever the latest thing is along with us and about Latitudes on your favorite social media sites.
    Some of the place you can find us include:

  • Join our Texting Club and Share Message we send with Friends
    • Text keyword "Latitudes" to our special shortcode 72727
  • We love Customer reviews and feedbackIf you have been a customer, we would love for you to leave us a review. Please mention your name in the review because if someone calls and they mention your name, it's a referral !
    Great places to leave a review include the following:

  • If you were a client traveling specifically for a wedding or honeymoon, leave a review for us on any of your favorite wedding sites, like, or any that you used to help plan your wedding.



If you have any questions Please feel free to contact any of the Staff at Latitudes.  or call (414) 433-4873


 Latitudes Travel Referral Program Details:

  • October 1st each year is used as the beginning / end of the year to accumulate entries into the annual drawing.
  • 1 referral per booking,
    • For Example - If you refer a family of four for a trip you receive 1 referral, not 4
  • For every New Client that travels a Minimum of 1 entry into the annual referral drawing will be submitted. Additional Entries will be earned if your referral books what Latitudes travel considers Luxury Vacations, experiences, and/or accommodations.
  • The person referred to us must not have been a customer of Latitudes Travel within the last 5 years
  • All referral gifts are sent after the referred customer books with Latitudes Travel.
  • The Annual Referral Rewards Drawing will be held each year during our Customer Appreciation Event, usually held the Month of October. Attendance is not required.
  • The Annual Rewards Prizes will vary depending upon the number of new referrals Latitudes has received in the past 12 months.
  • You must be 18 years old to receive a referral gift.
  • Latitudes Travel reserves the right to alter the Terms, Conditions, rules and prizes at any time and without advance notice.

Last Revised  January 29th - 2016



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