Planning a Belated Honeymoon

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Why do some couples take a belated honeymoon?

Brides, when you’re planning your wedding we know there are hundreds of decisions to make like choosing the passed hors d’oeuvres or should you just do food stations for the reception.  Often these more pressing and obvious questions can trump selecting which spa treatment you’ll be enjoying on your honeymoon at a Caribbean resort, you haven’t even decided is the perfect for you.   We know and understand that you are so focused on the big day and the hundred or two guests  that it’s hard to wrap your mind around the details of the after-after party just for the two of you, and that’s OK..

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As you read on just remember it’s your honeymoon and it should be perfect for the two of you and the right time, place and budget is up to you!   It’s not uncommon for the honeymoon to fall by the wayside for busy brides, some make it the groom’s responsibility only to have to check & recheck his decisions and ultimately change it all anyways.   And if couples don’t factor the cost of the honeymoon into the wedding budget, they might not be able to afford the newlywed retreat they really want. A lack of funding is a major reason that some couples choose to put off their honeymoons. The other major reason? Insufficient planning.   No, it’s not rocket science (or even as complicated as revising the reception seating chart for the fifth time), but you’ve got to choose the destination, make travel reservations, research the area to plan your excursions — and shop for new bikinis, of course!

Reasons that couples delay their honeymoon:

  • Money / BudgetWhen People Honeymoon
  • Forgot to plan it
  • They can’t take the time off work.
  • They have their hearts set on a tiny island that gets hammered during hurricane season. (Note: Resort rates are typically less expensive during this time, but you might have to endure nasty weather.)
  • They’re too tired from wedding planning to make the most of a vacation.
  • Their wedding is during peak travel season, and resort rates are much higher than in other seasons. (Summer brides, we’re looking at you!)
  • They’re having a destination wedding, but they want privacy and their entire family is holding court at the resort for a week.

Minimoon_Honeymoon Local

Opting to stay put after the wedding comes with some nice perks. You can see more of the family and friends who came into town for your big day. You’ll have time to drop off your dress at the dry cleaner and take care of other bridal admin details, like mailing off tips and thank you notes to vendors. And speaking of thank you notes, you can start opening gifts and writing those cards of appreciation, too. If you’re putting off the honeymoon for a month or longer, you can conquer bigger tasks — like moving into a new place.

honeymoon coupleBut don’t keep paradise waiting too long. After about three months, your enthusiasm for a getaway might fade as the voice of reason begins to whisper about other matters that need your financial attention. That honeymoon fund could make a nice down payment on a house, for instance.  Of course if you are getting married in a northern climate like Wisconsin in August, getting excited about escape to a warm destination in January or February isn’t usually to hard, coming home is where it gets tough!

Belated Honeymoon Planning Tips

Honeymoon  ParisFor those planning a delayed or Belated honeymooners, you need a game plan. Take note of these tried and true tips:

  • Before your wedding or right after, pick your destination, settle on a budget, and circle the dates on your calendar.
  • Set aside the honeymoon funds in a separate bank account so you can add to the stash but won’t be tempted to withdraw.
  • Ensure you’ve got vacation time built up so you can take leave without asking any special favors. Your boss might be less understanding this long after your wedding.
  • Think seriously about the emotional ramifications of delaying your honeymoon. Will the trip still be special to you if you feel more like a new-nester than a newlywed?

Whether you are planning a Minimoon, Delayed Honeymoon or a traditional honeymoon, know that the staff at Latitudes Travel is here to help you.  From Picking destinations and setting budget very early on , Helpful tips on keeping costs down and saving money as well as complete booking services.  The concierge agents are here to help.  

We specialize in one-on-one personal concierge service and attention with every customer we work with.  In order to do that we will  need to find out what your hopes and dreams are for your next vacation.   Check your calendar and let’s get together with in person concierge consultation, we can also chat over the phone or Skype too.  At latitudes We offer our Concierge Honeymoon Services free of charge, throughout southeast Wisconsin we simply need to know where you’d like to get together and what would be the best time to schedule a visit, Morning, Afternoon or Evenings.

One last tip Above all, be prepared to field the question about your honeymoon, where, when and if you are delaying is why you’re taking a belated honeymoon. Trust us — people will ask!

Our experts are here to help call today (414) 433-4873, e-mail us at or use the contact form below to get started now.

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Edited by Latitudes Travel staff – Inspired by & Mostly copied from – Keener, Candace.  “Why do some couples take a belated honeymoon?”  18 May 2010.>  19 April 2014.

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