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Zach B. Goes Down Under

Zach Goes Down Under 

Hello Holly!

... I really, really appreciate all that you did for me in order to go on a truly memorable experience.  I think about my time down under, down under every day since I returned and in many ways wish I was still there (even though there is no place like home).     I have attached only a few of the thousands of photos that I have and I would be happy to send out some more.  I have more pictures with me, natural surrounding (volcanoes, mud pools, mountains, valleys, sheep, other nature scenes, waterfalls, etc.) ....  

Kind regards,

Zach B.


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The Guzakowskis  – June 2013

Three Island tour of Hawaii - 2013  

Our clients the Guzakowski's shared some photos from the their trip in 2013 to the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai, Maui and Oahu...

Included are photos from their cave tubing, a Luau, their excursion on the Road to Hana, black sand beach, a helicopter ride, and of course snorkeling.


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Peggy & Jim W. – June 2013

Vancouver & Victoria Island June 2013 

These are a few of our Vancouver photos.  The two near the water with the boats are at a place called Granville Island which has lots of shops and a huge Public Market with tons of vendors and about 40 food places.  the other three with the lovely foliage, greenery and fountains is a beautiful botanical garden called Van Duesen Gardens.  Only $8.00 to get in and acres and acres of beautiful gardens, trees, perennials, etc.  It was literally 6 blocks from our B and B so we walked there.  Very very pretty place.

Included are are 4 pictures of our time in Victoria.  The top one in the famous Empress Hotel. The second one is a cool house boat we saw on a boat ride out in Vancouver Bay (I think it was called that) and the bottom two are the lovely Butchart Gardens.  

Peggy & Jim W. - Waterford, WI


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The Scotts – 2011

Alaska Cruise & Land Tour 2011 

"Alaska was awesome!! Put it on your bucket list!”
Cruise and then spend some time on land. Hope to go again sometime. Glad Holly helped us with some travel tips because he hadn't done a big trip in awhile, plus we had to have passports. No questions were too stupid to ask her.
It was great to not have to worry about transfers and transportation-Holly took care of everything. When we show our pictures, we tell everyone about Latitudes travel.
Thanks again Holly, we will book the next big trip with you.      Chirs- 2011


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Dr. K . & Her Daughters – 2011

Experiencing Costa Rica 


We had an awesome trip to Costa Rica!  Thanks for all your work to make our vacation special.  The hotel (Riu Guana Caste) was the only one on the whole beach so the views were beautiful.  We went on two great trips, the were so much fun!  One was to Arenal Volcano with zip lines and hot volcanic springs afterwards.  The other trip was to the hanging bridges in the rain forest and a river cruise.  We really felt the whole "Pura Vida" theme that Costa Rica is dedicated to. 

I would recommend this trip to anyone.  Thanks again for all your efforts to make this happen. 
        Dr. Chris K.


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