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Postcards E-Magazine – Summer Edition | Latitudes Travel

Postcards Travel Magazine Have you ever really thought about... Why I love to travel? Do you love to travel because you love: To experience different cultures? To see epic natural wonders? To discover new cuisine and fashion? Or simply to escape and relax? Whatever your reasons, you can discover vacations that will fulfill your every…
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Which Hawaiian Islands Should You Visit? 

Which Hawaiian Islands should I visit? This is the question I get asked most often when clients want to vacation in Hawaii.  With so many islands to choose from, I can understand why this gets asked so much.  Each Island has its unique personality and charm. For some people, it is like picking your favorite…
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Church Basement Ladies Musical – Fireside Theater

Saturday, August 12th, 2017  The church basement kitchen throughout much of America is often the heart and soul of any church.  In CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES we meet the pastor, three cooks and one daughter who run the kitchen and care for the congregation. As in any kitchen, problems arise. We watch as the four women…
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