Trusted Traveler Program Expanding in Mexico

Mexico’s trusted-traveler program to expand The announcememt of Mexico’s new trusted traveler,ViajeroConfiable, program expansion, took place just last week which is good news for frequent travelers to Mexico.This launch is an important example of the continuing efforts of the U.S-Mexico 21st Century … read more

San Francisco Getaway Milwaukee September 2015

San Francisco Fall Vacation Getaway from Milwaukee

San Francisco Fall Getaway from Milwaukee San Francisco Fall Getaway Dates September, 19th to 22nd, 2015 San Francisco Getaway Features / Inclusions 4 Days – 3 nights Getaway to San Francisco Round Trip Airfare from Milwaukee Other location could be arranged … read more


El Dorado Maroma Adds New Suites, Restaurants and Bars.

Big News at the El Dorado Maromoa Beach Click to see the full size photo ! El Dorado Maroma Adds New Suites, Restaurants and Bars. Karisma Hotels & Resorts has announced that El Dorado Maroma, a Beachfront Resort, by Karisma, … read more

better safe than sorry sign

Cruise Requirements for Pregnant Women and Infants

Pregnant Women, Infants & Cruising The old saying ” It is better to be safe that sorry ” is a saying that travelers frequently forget when booking vacations, however the cruise lines don’t and that can cause problems when traveling … read more


Scary health effects of flying

What happens to you on a plane: Let’s face it: Human beings weren’t designed to spend hours at a time packed inside a pressure-controlled capsule with recycled air and manufactured heat with hundreds of other people tens of thousands of … read more


Do You Need Two Passports?

Two Passports? Did you even know you could have two?  Well you can and there are some really good reasons why some travelers should consider getting a second one. If you are a United States resident and travel often then … read more


Caribbean / Mexico Over-Water Bungalow Construction Update

Caribbean Over-Water Bungalow Rooms News & Photos Unfortunately there is not a lot of detailed information to share. Both resorts are being very tight-lipped, but we’ve got more pictures to share ! Contact us to get on our wait-list or … read more

Exclusive-Caribbean Over Water Bungalow News

Mexico Over-Water Rooms Construction has Begun

Over-Water Suites in Mexico We recently visited the El Dorado Maroma Beach resort and am happy to report that the over-water rooms are under construction. Our source in Mexico told Latitudes Travel that construction was progressing on schedule as of right … read more


Chicago O’Hare Travel Deals to Cancun Mexico

Save up to $200 per reservation Chicago O’Hare to Cancun Mexico Hurry you must Book by 2-5-2015 Offer: Save up to $200 per reservation  Destinations: Cancun Valid Origins: Chicago O’Hare Valid Hotels: All Booking Window: 1/27 –2/5/15 Valid Departures: 1/27 – 5/31/15 … read more


Save $300 On Mexico Vacation from Milwaukee

Save up to $300 per reservation Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa from Milwaukee Hurry you must Book by 2-5-2015 Offer: Save up to $300 per reservation  Destinations: Puerto Vallarta and IxtapaValid Origins: Milwaukee Valid Hotels: All Booking Window: 1/22 –2/5/15 Valid … read more

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Do You Want Cheap Travel ?

We all hear it, see it on Tv, google searches, ads on Facebook… Cheap travel;, Cheap Tickets, and here at latitudes we are told all the time..” I’m looking for a Cheap Vacation” Really ?? So You want a Cheap … read more